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Quad Biking in Merzouga

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Morrocan Cooking Classes

many of our visitors to Morocco can experince by the cookery lessons , delicious berber tagines, couscous , berber pizza, and various of regional savor . Moroccan kitchens typically uses fresh, locally grown ingredients and an assortment of spices for exmple Ras el hanout to give plenty of taste . Most dishes are accompanied by bread— so thats why we provide the opportunity for our coustmers to learn how to recreate one of thier favorite Moroccan dishe back at thier home. A great experience for moroccan foods

Quad Biking in Merzouga Desert Dunes

Our tours are convenient for everyone , Friends Families Groups to have fun in middle of dunes you are allowed to rent your moto quad and ride by yourself on the merzouga dunes . We can provide you an expert guide that will turn your adventure even more exciting betwien dunes . If adventure is what you’re looking after in your vacations, we can provide you with all the thrill you are looking for, you take a chance to enjoy an experience in quad routes and sand dunes for Merzouga and you feel the dunes vibrate under your feet. turning your vacations to unforgettable experience.
Sahara desert quad bike adventure

Picnic in the desert

We organize our day to the middle of the desert to enjoy our nomad picnic by Madfouna the means of Madfouna is “under the sand ,” and here it refers to the delectable stuffing of meat, suet, herbs and spices which is hidden within the bread crust. Hard boiled egg and fried almonds are traditional but optional additions you can add it. .at the beginning we need a fire to built and burned down to be coal then the coals must be extremely hot and it must burn for a long time until to heat the sand and underneath. While top of the sand is very hot, just a few centimeters down it greatly reduces in temperature of the sand . While the fire burns down the dough of pizza is ready, the same type recipe used for any other Moroccan bread. The main difference is this round ball is huge. You only get one shot when you’re making the bread inside the sand then we cover it by the hot part of sand we let it for 40 minutes then we can get our Berber pizza ready for your lunch to enjoy it under the shadow of desert trees.
the best place for a picninc in the desert

Sandboarding in Desert Dunes

Surfing in the dunes with sandboarding has been and is a very popular pastime for nomads and desert children. Thinking back to their childhood, adults will tell you that they used to use a wide range of self-produced materials for sandboarding. Morocco has many desert areas, but only one area really stands out for its sandboarding, and it is Erg Chebbi. Located a few kilometers outside the desert village of Merzouga, Erg Chebbi is a massive dune of the Moroccan Sahara desert. During all the excursions in the desert, you can do sandboarding, the tables are waiting for you at the camp. All you need is comfortable clothing and a pair of sunglasses. (Sandboarding such as the use of equipment is included in the desert excursion)
Sandboarding in Morocco Desert

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